全名 : Anna Kendrick
生日 : 1985年8月9日
出生地 : 美國緬因州波特蘭
身高 : 五呎二吋 (約156公分)
家人 : 哥哥 Michael Cooke Kendrick (演員)
教育程度 : 2003年畢業於Deering高中

最愛的電影 : Christopher Guest 作品
最愛的演員 : Parker Posey, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler
最愛的食物 : Banana-Chocolate-Pancake
最愛的音樂 : Laura Marling, Crystal Castles

Kendrick "caught the [acting] bug" at the age of 10, when her parents would let her and her brother catch a bus from Portland, Maine, to New York City so that she could attend auditions.[1] Her first appearance was the role of Dinah in the Broadway musical High Society in August 1998, at age 12, which earned her Theatre World Award, Drama Desk Award, and Tony Award nominations,[2] the latter of which made her the third-youngest nominee ever after 10-year-old Frankie Michaels and 11-year-old Daisy Eagan,[3] who both went on to win.
Afterward, she was featured in a number of other theater productions, including the musical A Little Night Music, before making her film debut in the 2003 musical comedy Camp,[2] for which she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Chlotrudis Award and Best Debut Performance Independent Spirit Award for her portrayal of the character Fritzi Wagner.

In 2007 she appeared in her next film, Rocket Science, in which she portrayed Ginny Ryerson, a fast-talking high school debater. Although she says she found the role intimidating and challenging after watching an actual national collegiate championship debate, her performance was praised by critics[2] and she was nominated for a 2007 Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress.[4]

In late 2007, she auditioned for the role of Jessica Stanley in Twilight, a 2008 film adapted from the first book of the novel series by Stephenie Meyer.[5] She had intended to do a mix-and-match audition with various actors, but was too ill and had to leave; she was, however, brought in for a later session where she was given the role.[1] Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg said that the characters Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory from the book were combined to create the role.[6] Kendrick reprises her role as Jessica in the Twilight sequel, New Moon.[7]

Kendrick's theater singing experience gave her the opportunity to star in her next project, 2009's The Marc Pease Experience, where she appears opposite Jason Schwartzman and Ben Stiller as a high school senior involved in musical theater.[2][8]

She appeared in the 2009 films Elsewhere, in which she plays her first lead character (a girl whose best friend (played by Tania Raymonde) goes missing),[2] and in director Jason Reitman's Up in the Air, based on Walter Kirn's 2001 novel of the same name, alongside George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.[9] For her role in Up in the Air, the National Board of Review named her Best Supporting Actress[10] and she has also picked up nominations from both The Golden Globes[11] and The Screen Actors Guild.[12] She is set to appear in Edgar Wright's adaptation of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim, titled Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.[13]

Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine. Kendrick and her older brother, actor Michael Cooke Kendrick, who appeared in the 2000 film Looking for an Echo, attended Deering High School in Portland.[14] She lists Parker Posey, Molly Shannon and Amy Poehler as her inspirations.[2]

Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony Award (second youngest ever), a Drama Desk Award and Fany Award (best actress featured in a musical) for her performance where she originated the role of Dinah in High Society on Broadway. Her spectacular performance landed her the Drama League and Theatre World Award.

She was a lead performer with Cabaret's Kit Kit Club at Carnegie Hall Live in My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies (1999) (TV). She also had the privilege of working with director Scott Ellis and choreographer Susan Stroman at the New York City Opera House with Jeremy Irons amongst many more celebrity status actors, playing the role of Fredika in "A Little Night Music."

Anna work-shopped Jane Eyre & The Little Princess for Broadway and starred in the feature film Camp (2003) with director Todd Graff. She has been traveling around the world for the premieres. Her manager, Kim Matuka, at Online Talent Group, has been working with her exclusively since the age of 10. " I always knew Anna was special....it just took a little longer for the industry to realize that."IMDb Mini

Sister of Michael Cooke Kendrick.
Was nominated for Broadway's 1998 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Musical) for "High Society." She was the second youngest nominee (after 1991's Tony winner in the same category, Daisy Eagan) in Tony history,

Anna made her acting debut in a community theater production of Annie.

 Anna says she is inspired by fearless women in comedy, some of her favorites being Parker Posey, Molly Shannon and Amy Poehler.

 Anna's favorite film character to date is Sylvia Fowler in The Women (1939), played by Rosalind Russell.

 Anna is the second youngest person ever to be nominated for a Tony Award. She was 13. The youngest was 11.

 Anna would rather be a werewolf than a vampire, because she thinks she's not cool enough to be a good vampire.

 Anna's ideal slow-dance song is "Rebel Prince" by Rufus Wainwright, because it reminds her of silent movies.

 In 2008, Anna enjoyed music by The Ting Tings and Crystal Clash.

 Anna's favorite candy comes from a Japanese chain store in California called Famima.

 Anna's favorite color is blue, even though she thinks it's boring to say blue.

曾經 / 即將演出的作品 :
2010 - I'm With Cancer
2010 - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -- Stacey Pilgrim
2010 - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [ 暮光之城:月蝕 ] -- Jessica
2009 - New Moon [ 暮光之城:新月 ] -- Jessica
2009 - Up In The Air [ 型男飛行日誌 ] -- Natalie Keener
2009 - The Marc Pease Experience [ 過氣校園明星 ] -- Meg Brickman
2009 - Fear Itself [ 驚恐十三 / 恐怖之源 ] (TV Series) -- Shelby (單元:The Spirit Box)
2009 - Elsewhere -- Sarah
2008 - Twilight [ 暮光之城:無懼的愛 ] -- Jessica Stanley
2007 - Viva Laughlin (TV Series) -- Holly (客串)
2007 - Rocket Science [ 一飛沖天 ] -- Ginny Ryerson
2003 - Camp [ 青春百老匯 ] -- Fritzi Wagner
2003 - The Mayor (TV) -- Sadie Winterhalter

安娜·肯德里克1985年生于美??因州波特?市,曾?借百老?音??《上流社?》(High Society)?得?????委???(Drama Desk Award)、??世界?(Theatre World Award)以及98年托尼?的提名,??只有13?的她也是史上?得托尼?提名年?第二小的演?,1999年?作?主角?加了卡?基音?大?的《My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies》歌舞表演,另外在??市歌?院Scott Ellis??、Susan Stroman?任舞指的《小夜曲》(A Little Night Music)中和多位?深演?同???。2003年安娜主演托德·格拉夫??的歌舞片《舞?夏令?》而登上大?幕,四年后通?喜?片《火箭科?》中伶牙俐?的???明星的角色向人?展示了她在歌舞才?之外的表演功力,?此也?入了《??》?志由?影??人氏??出的年度“10位?目新星”的名?。

現年24歲的Anna,10歲開始參與百老匯舞台劇的演出,年紀輕輕已獲得多個獎項兼獲東尼獎提名。她在07年參與電視劇及電視電影《Viva Laughlin》和《Rocket Science》的演出,並獲電影導演垂青進身大銀幕,有份演出的新片《Scott Pilgrim vs. the World》及《吸血新世紀3》於今年上映

Anna Kendrick是位極具天份的演員。12歲的時候就被因為在音樂劇High Society演出Dinah一角而入圍Tony Award的音樂劇最佳女配角。每個成功的演出都讓他更上一層樓。因為他在Up in the Air中精湛、多方面的演出,我們很榮幸的將新秀獎頒給他。
除了雅莉以外,萊恩賓罕的生命中又出現了另一個女人,那就是剛進公司,才二十出頭的理財效率專家娜塔莉基諾,她的工作威脅到萊恩自由自在的工作和生活。娜塔莉以她的理財專長認為把萊恩調回總公司上班才能縮減公司成本,這樣一來萊恩就不必一直到處旅行,而是利用視訊會議來進行裁員的任務,這也讓開除員工的過程更沒有人性。但是當有一次萊恩帶娜塔莉一起旅行,並且讓她看到他是如何資遣員工,她這才學到裁員是一門多麼具有挑戰性而且困難的工作,而且裁員的整個過程讓她承受到她難以承受的壓力。以《暮光之城》爆紅的新生代女演員安娜坎卓克(Anna Kendrick)飾演娜塔莉一角,導演承認說:「其實娜塔莉這角色也是為安娜坎卓克量身訂作的。我看過她在《一飛沖天》一片中的演出,我覺得她演得超讚的,而且和其他的新生代女演員非常不一樣。當她來試鏡的時候,她就證明了給我們看,她擁有和其他新生代女演員非常不同的特性。」導演繼續說:「我對於塑造出娜塔莉一角感到很驕傲,她和大部份的年輕女性角色很不同。二十出頭的女星通常都是一部電影的女主角,而且是男主角的戀愛對象,但是娜塔莉凡事都公事公辦,一點都不浪漫,這角色讓我想到我很喜歡的很多女人,包括我太太。」安娜坎卓克也覺得娜塔莉這個角色很棒,她說:「當我和導演討論這角色,他說這角色是根據他認識的一些女人塑造出來的,而這些女人總是讓他感到很沮喪,因為不管是在公司或是在學校,她們永遠是最聰明的那一個。娜塔莉聰明絕頂,但是卻很拘謹,對自己覺得很不自在,與別人相處也覺得很彆扭。我並不認為自己永遠是最聰明的那一個,不過我倒是能認同控制慾的那一點,而且我在現實生活中與人相處的時候也很彆扭。」雖然她很喜歡這個角色,但是安娜坎卓克在演這部電影的時候超痛苦的,因為她覺得機場都像是地獄一樣,她說:「我超討厭機場,也超不喜歡坐飛機,我在這部戲裡要一直在機場拍戲,這真的很令人啼笑皆非,對我來說,這就是完全失去自我控制。」她也對於和喬治克魯尼一起演戲有點擔心,但是她很快就放心了,她說:「我又害怕又興奮又緊張,因為我要和喬治克魯尼這個超級巨星演對手戲,但是我也很喜歡我的角色,也很希望能把這角色演好。不過我和他碰面以後就知道為什麼大家都一直安慰我說:『妳不會有問題的。』因為他是個超級大好人。」



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